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How to Earn Money Through Eyelashes?

Eyelashes are indispensable beauty tools for eye makeup and many women like eyelashes. Eyelashes as daily necessities, sales are relatively high.

How to earn money through eyelashes? Let me tell you step by step!

sisley lashes wholesale lashes vendor

sisley lashes wholesale lashes vendor

1st Start-up capital

First, $100 to $200

If you have a budget, choose a certain style and a certain amount of eyelashes to gradually start your eyelash business.

Second, under $100

How do you start your eyelash business without a lot of money? I will teach you the method step by step, please add my WhatsApp: 8613361256794

Choose the best supplier first

Choosing the right supplier can be the biggest boost to your business.

Because there are a lot of eyelash suppliers have the minimum order quantity, generally will not do your small order business.

Therefore, you should choose a good supplier, which does not have a minimum order quantity setting.

They specially help people with low budget to start the eyelash business.

Sisley lashes, for example, is such an eyelash supplier. You can add WhatsApp: 8613361256794 for consultation.

If you want to place a bulk order, I can introduce you to a great, quality eyelash wholesale vendor for free: Emma Lashes .

2nd Look for suppliers to purchase

How to choose the best eyelashes

(1)The first step is to look carefully at the eyelashes

First, look at the structure of the eyelashes.

Second, look at the hair tip of eyelashes, only the hair tip of high quality eyelashes is sharp.

Third, look at the density of eyelashes.

Fourth, look at the appearance of eyelashes. Only the high-end eyelashes look beautiful, realistic and luxurious.

(2) Smell the eyelashes

Inferior eyelash has the taste of chemical liquid medicine, do great harm to the eye. High quality eyelashes are tasteless, non-irritating, green and healthy.

(3) Ask customers about their experience

You order some eyelash samples to give your friends and family a try.

(4) Touch your eyelashes

High-quality eyelashes are very smooth and supple, and the eyelash bands are soft.


If you want to learn more information, please click on my previous post: How do you choose the best eyelashes?

How to negotiate with lash wholesale vendor?





If you want to learn more information, please click on my previous post: How to negotiate with lash wholesale vendor? 

3rd Custom eyelash box

The eyelash boxes are very important

First, the box serves as a decoration and looks very beautiful.

Second, the box can protect the eyelash very well.

Third, you can print the logos and slogans on the box to add value to the product and increase sales.

Fourth, the empty lash box can be applied for storing your false eyelashes and  tools, suitable for professional beauty salons and daily use.

If you have a budget, you can customize your unique eyelash box.

If you don’t have much of a budget, we can offer you a free eyelash box.

If you want to learn more about custom boxes, please click on my previous post: How to design your custom eyelash packaging

4th How to sell your eyelashes?

Social media You can share the lashes through Facebook, INS, YouTube and other social media.

On your social soft ware, you can share pictures, videos, experience of wearing eyelashes and so on.

Website You can put all product information on your website. Don’t worry, we will help you to send you the high-definition pictures of the product.

E-commerce platform You can also use E-commerce platforms like eBay, Amazon, AliExpress, Etsy.

5th Collect buyer information

First, the client makes a deal

After the customer has paid, you should ask the customer for the email address and telephone number. Only with this information can we deliver goods to customers.

Second, express delivery

You’d better reach an agreement with the domestic express to get a discount, which can save a lot of money.

6th How to receive payment

There are many payment methods for you to choose from, such as West Union, Paypal, cashapp, apple pay, Square and so on.

There are different handling charges, ranging from 1% to 5%

(1) If you are a retailer, you can pay your own handling fee.

(2) If you are a wholesaler like us, you need the customer to bear the handling fee, because our profit margin is small.

7th Customer comments and feedback

After you sell your product, do you ask the customer if they received it or not? Do they like the product?

By inquiring these information, we can find out which product sells well or is damaged in transit. If the damage is less, we can send a replacement to the customer. If the damage is serious, we can ask the transportation company for compensation.

Customer service is a critical point. It is very important to collect this data, to know which products are selling well, and to buy more.

8th The essence of the profit

(1) Price difference

Customer purchase cost is divided into two parts: product cost and freight. You can set the retail price according to the total cost, and the product has a large profit margin.

If you buy low-quality eyelashes and cheap eyelash glue, it will do more damage to your eyes and result in bad results, and your business will go from bad to worse.

(2) How to make more money

First, small profits and quick turnover.

Although the profit of a product is not big, but more sales, more profits.

Second, there will be more and more customers

Because your product price is lower than other suppliers, and the product quality is good, get customer support and trust.

If the product price is too high, there will be fewer customers and the total profit will be low.

If the profit of a single product is low, the sales volume will be more and the total profit will be high.

You can also do a questionnaire. Select two periods of the same time, use different pricing, record the number of people later, and calculate the total profit.

Only by doing these two things can you make more money.



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