Orange head black rod eyelash brushes


Eyelash brush head: orange

Eyelash brush rod: black


Eyelash brush head:

High quality fiber hairy, process with special craft, comfortable to use, the length of brush is moderate, convenient to use

Eyelash brush rod:

High-grade plastic products, aseptic processing, soft and tough, not easy to break.


  1. It can be used on the head to clean up messy hair.

  2. It is used for eyebrows, combing eyebrows and trimming eyebrows to make eyebrows neat, natural and smooth.

  3. Combing eyelashes, used for finishing eyelashes after wearing.


The overall length of eyelash brush is about 9.8cm, and the length of brush head is about 2.5cm.


The weight of the eyelash brush is about 1 gram.

Life span

It can be reused and can be used all the time without any external damage.


You can adjust the radian of the brush head with your fingers according to your own habits.


The eyelash brush head is spiral design, high density fiber fairy.


It can be washed directly, simple and clean.

Usage method

You can gently hold the brush rod with your hand and comb along the hair until the hair is smooth. It can be repeated several times.