25MM Mink Lashes

25MM Mink Lashes is a new style of Mink Strip Lashes in the market, once we design and produce them,

they are very popular in the USA Market.

And today we will share with you all the details about Mink Lashes 25mm.

Mink Lashes Wholesale 25MM DJ143
Mink Lashes Wholesale 25MM DJ143

1 What are 25mm mink lashes?

We define the 25mm mink lash according to the length and material.

First, the length of the 25mm lashes.

As you know, the mix length of the mink lashes fur is 25MM long,

so we all these lashes 25MM Lash.

Second, the material of Lashes is 25MM

If the 25MM Lashes are made of Mink lashes, we called them 25MM Mink Lash.

Besides, some are made of Siberian Mink Fur, so we called them 25MM Siberian Mink Lash.

The Siberian Mink Lashes 25MM is much more expensive than the ordinary one because the material is long, fluffy, strong,

and soft, when girls apply on, they are gorgeous and comfortable.

If you want to do a 25mm mink eyelash business and buy a 25MM Siberian Lash Wholesale,

you can contact us by WhatsApp.

we will show you the best 25mm luxury mink lash catalog.

25MM 3D Mink Lashes DJ99
25MM 3D Mink Lashes DJ99

2 3D lashes 25mm VS 5d 25mm lashes

First, The difference between 3D 25MM Mink Lashes and 5D 25MM Mink Lashes.

there are two means of D, usually, called three-dimensional,

so whey you apply on the 3D Mink lashes then will be vivid, beautiful,

and as same as your own lashes.

The second D means Layer, 3D means 3D layer, and 5D means 5 layers,

so more fluffy and more mink furs.

so different mink fur cost, dirrerent price.

This is why more and more girls would love to order 3D 25MM Mink eyelashes and 5D 25MM Mink eyelashes.

Second, the cost of 3D And 5D Mink Lashes

Well, it depends, if you order 5D Mink Lashes with poor mink fur that will be much cheaper than 3D Mink Lashes with luxury mink fur.

Generally speaking, the 5D 25MM Mink eyelashes are much more expensive than the 3D 25MM mink eyelashes.

but you should test the quality of the mink fur, if you have no idea about how to distinguish the mink fur, you can add WhatsApp,

we will tell the tutorial step by step we choose mink fur and how to do 25MM eyelashes, you will be an expert in the lash industry.

And if you want to know the details price, keep reading the post,

we will tell you all the details about the cost of the 25MM 3D Mink Lashes Bulk.

3 How much does 25MM Mink Lashes cost?

Well, to the truth, all the price depends on the quality and quantity.

if you order 25MM Mink Strip Eyelash WholesaleThe more the cheaper, and different material different cost.

Usually, the wholesale price varies from 5 USD to 10 USD if you buy a bulk order,

that will be 3 USD to 4 USD,

of course, some Lash Vendors would sell 1 USD To 3USD,

but you should know what the material of the poor 25MM 3D Mink eyelash made, why so cheap?

If you want to know the truth of the raw material, you can add WhatsApp, we will tell you the truth,

you will know, that does damage your lashes business if you have your own lashes brand.

All the customers don’t care about price, because they are only 1 USD or 2 USD higher than the poor one,

what they are concerned about is quality and what you cared are sales and profits, is that right?

All the customers would compare yours with the other 25MM eyelashes,

they will do a test, and will know the difference and appearance,

at the same time, comfortable feelings about different lashes.

No one would like to buy bad lashes, so they won’t buy them again when they meet Luxury Mink Lashes.

This is why we only supply the best luxury mink lashes to our customers,

we want our customers to earn more and more market and get more and more customers.


4 Top 5 25mm mink lash vendors for you

First, Emma Lashes

Emma Lashes is the famous 25MM Eyelashes Vendor who focuses on the USA market,

one of the best lash vendors in the world,

we can do custom lash packaging to help you build your lash brand,

we only supply the best luxury eyelash to you,

our luxury mink lash is much more expensive than the ordinary ones if you want to buy the best luxury 25MM mink eyelash,

ness miss Emma Lash.

Second, Sisley Lashes

Sisley Eyelash is one of the professional 25MM 3D Mink Lash USA Vendor, they supply luxury 25mm 3D Mink eyelash, 5D 25MM Eyelash,

if you want to make a cheap order, you should choose Sisley Lashes, they are not only cheap but also good,

if you have enough budget, you should Choose Sisley Lashes to be your first lash vendor.

Third, Sally Lashes

Sally Lashes is a famous lashes factory, located in the lashes hometime, Qingdao, China.

if you want to buy the cheapest wholesale price, you should choose Sally Lashes, although they are not as good as Emma Lashes,

they are cheap, and have enough profits too if you just start your lashes business,

I suggest Emma Lashes for you if you have your own shop and platform, you need cheap wholesale price, don’t miss Sally Lashes.

Fourth, CK Lashes

CK Lashes is a cheap wholesale 25MM 3D Mink Lashes Vendor from China, they supply high-quality lashes to the USA Market,

they can design and produce Wholesale Mink Lashes 25MM by themselves.

if you want to order a unique style in the market, you can purchase 25MM 3D Mink Lashes from 25MM 3D Mink Lashes Vendor CK Lashes.


5 Who does 25mm mink lashes wholesale?

Emma Lashes is the professional 25MM Mink Lashes Bulk Vendor, who supplies the best 25MM 5D Mink Lash Wholesale service,

if you want to order Wholesale 25MM, Mink Lash, you can add WhatsApp, we will give you a good wholesale price.

25mm luxury mink lashes
25mm luxury mink lashes

6 Who do 25mm mink lashes near me?

First, 25MM Mink Lashes Vendor Sisley Lashes.

If you are in the USA, never miss Sisley Lashes, the professional Mink Eyelash Vendor,

provide the cheap wholesale 25MM mink Eyelash near you,

all the luxury mink lashes are in stock, if you order the 25mm mink Eyelash,

they will ship to you within 24 hours if you don’t order custom eyelash packagings.

If you want to do 25MM Mink eyelash Business, never miss 25MM Mink Lash Vendor Sisley Lash.

Second,25mm mink lashes amazon

If you want to order retail mink lashes, you make an order from Amazon,

but not each 25MM Mink Eyelash are the Lash Factory,

which can supply the best mink lashes and price to you.

Third,25mm mink lashes eBay

Some girls would also like to order 25MM 3D Lashes from eBay, and the price is lower than Amazon,

but all the retail lashes vendors maybe not be the lashes factory such as Emma Lashes,

who can design and produce for you, what’s more, no MOQ limit.

7 Who does wholesale 25mm mink lashes and packaging?

If you want to do build your lashes brand, you make need a Wholesale 25MM Lash Packaging Vendor,

Emma Lashes, as the most professional 25MM 3D and 5D Lash Vendor,

we can design free for you if you choose Emma Lashes to be your lashes vendor and custom lashes packaging vendor,

which will give you the best wholesale price, and the more the cheaper.

Lash Supplies

First, the lash extension supplies

Sisley Lashes, as one of the best Lash Supplies in the USA market, one of the best Lash Extension Supplies, supply best Mink Strip Lashes and Lashes Extension to the USA market, High quality, cheap wholesale price, worldwide express, Low MOQ, if you are looking for a good Wholesale Lashes Extension Supplies, Sisley Lashes will be your first choice.

Second, Where to find my own lash supplies?

There are too many ways to find your lash supplies, and today we will share the best lashes factory who is the professional lash supplies in the market.

Sisley Lashes, Sisley lashes is one of the professional Lash Supplies in the USA market, all the luxury mink lashes are designed by their own designer, produced by the professional works by hand.

SAT08 Best Lashes Wholesale

SAT08 Best Lashes Wholesale

if you want to order cheap wholesale mink lashes, you can choose Sisley Lashes to be your Lashes Factory.

CK Lashes, CK Lashes is one of the best luxury mink lashes Factories, supply cheap lashes, they can help you start your lashes business step by step.

Besides, they have low MOQ, if you have little budget, you can choose CK Lashes to be your Lash Vendors to start your lashes business with little money.

Sally Lashes. Sally Lashes, focus on luxury mink lashes, supply best Mink Lashes to the USA and Canada market, if you want to buy the best Mink Lashes in the market, you can’t miss Sally Lashes, at the same time, the price is a little bit higher than ordinary mink lashes, but they are worthy. Most Hollywood stars would choose Sally Lashes, you can’t miss them if you do luxury mink lashes business.

shining mink wholesale mink eyelashes

shining mink wholesale mink eyelashes

Third, Who does beauty supply lashes?

we supply lashes for beauty use, if you are looking for the best beauty supply lashes, we can add our WhatsApp, we will send all the lashes catalog for beauty supply lashes, you can directly choose any style lashes from the catalog, No MOQ limit, you will love them.

Fourth, who is the professionals in the lash supply?

The Professional Lash Supply should do everything you need.

such as we mentioned before.

1 They should be the Lashes Factory.

Only the Lashes Factory can supply the best mink lashes at and cheap wholesale prices to you guys, and if you buy the best mink lashes at a cheap wholesale price.

2 Do custom lashes packaging.

if you want to build your lashes brand, you should do custom lash packaging.

so your Lash Supply should design for you free and produce lash packaging for you. If you

just start your lashes business line you may need low MOQ. so your lashes supplies will solve all the issues you met in your business line.

lashes vendor

lashes vendor

Fifth, who so lash supplies near me?

Sisley Lashes is a professional lash supply in the USA, if you want to find lash supplies near me if you are in the USA, We have too many lashes distributors in different cities, just tell us which city are you in, and we will share our customer list to you, all of our lashes distributor import mink lashes from Sisley Lashes Factory, so they supply best luxury lashes to you, you can buy the lashes directly from our customers.

Besides, if you want to start your lashes business line, we can help you start your lashes business line step by step.

And now we are also 5D Mink Lashes Beauty Supply vendor too, we design and produce top-grade luxury 5D mink lashes, and girls love them very much, if you want to find real luxury mink lashes, you can test the 5D Mink lashes, you will love them.

free lashes packaging boxes

free lashes packaging boxes

Sixth, beauty supply store lashes

we supply our luxury mink lashes to thousands of Beauty Supply stores from the USA, if you want to buy Beauty Supply Store Lashes, we will share our beauty supply store lashes to you guys, you will find the best lashes store that near you, who supply best luxury mink lashes to you. Get free vendors list now.

Seventh, sassy lash supplies

Sisley Lashes is also a Sassy Lash Supplies, we design and produce sassy lashes at a cheap wholesale price, if you order sassy lashes, you can choose Sisley Lashes to be your wholesale sassy lash supplies.

Eighth, lash supplies, wholesale vendor

we are the wholesale Lash Supplies Based in China, we are also Lash Supplies Canada and Australia Lash Supplies, anything about the wholesale lash supplies please feel free to contact Lashes, Wholesale Vendor, we will help you solve all the issues you met in the lashes business.

Ninth,3d mink lashes beauty supply

Sisley Lashes, as the professional 3D Lash Supplies, if you want to find the professional 3D Mink Lashes Beauty Supply, contact us, we will supply cheap wholesale prices to you guys, and you will have too many profits from this lashes business.

This is the main reason why so many girls would love to choose Sisley Lashes to be the first Lash Vendors because we only supply the best cheap wholesale mink lashes to the market, all the lashes are the updated style in the market so that girls can easily sell them out in a short time and get the money back.

Tenth, lash supply store Houston

There are too many lash supply stores in Houston, and we are the wholesale lashes supply store vendor, if you want to order lash from Houston, you can contact us, we will tell you some of our customers, who are a professional vendor who has their own lash supply store.

Top 25mm lash vendors

As you know, 25MM Lash Vendors supply 25MM Mink Lashes to the market, so if you want to promote your lashes business, you should find Lash Vendors who can supply the best 25mm mink lashes to you, which will promote your sales. Today, we will tell you how to find the best 25mm mink lashes vendors and how to test the quality.

First, where to find my 25MM Mink Lash Vendors?

There are too many 25mm mink lashes vendors in the market, and if you want to find the real 25mm 3d mink lashes vendors who supply wholesale lashes to you, you should find the 25MM 3D Mink Lashes Factory so that you can get a good wholesale price, otherwise, you won’t find a good wholesale lashes supplier. The best way is that you can search for them on Google, and you should check the lashes factory one by one, and you should choose the lashes factory from China. Because China is the birthplace of mink lashes, there are too many quality mink lashes factories in China. If the vendors are from Amazon or the USA, you can’t get the best wholesale price, so you should check your lashes vendors first.   If you have no idea about how to choose and negotiate with your lashes factory, you can read the post we posted before, we showed the details step by step, you will be a professional buyer after learning from Emma Lashes.
mink lash vendors
mink lash vendors

How to test my 25mm lashes wholesale vendors?

First, ,make a lashes sample order.

Make sure to get some lashes samples and you can’t believe all that your lash vendor said, test them and then make the order, this will help you avoid losing your money.

Second, Test the market.

Send them to your customer or friend, if they love them, you can make a bulk order later.

Third, burn them and test for the protein taste.

If they smell something like plastic, then they are mixed with the plastic material. You should choose another 25MM Lash Vendor.

Fourth, washing them.

Most of the luxury 25mm mink lashes can be reusable up to 25 times, wash them and see if the mink fur falls down to the water. If you want to know professional tips to test the quality of the 25mm mink lashes, you can add WhatsApp to get more professional knowledge, you will be a professional buyer.
Clear Band Lashes SAT08
Clear Band Lashes SAT08

Why not choose the cheapest 25mm mink lash vendors wholesale factory?

Do not buy the cheapest 25mm mink lashes vendor. There are three main reasons that you can’t buy the cheapest 25mm 3D Mink Lashes from your cheapest lashes vendors.

First, the cost of the 25mm mink lashes.

As you know, the 25mm mink lashes raw materials are young mink furs from the tail of the minks, long and fluffy. So that will be more expensive than the ordinary mink lashes, if you buy the cheap 25mm mink lashes, you will not buy the top grade mink fur from the market.

Second, you may not buy the real 25mm mink fur.

If you buy cheap lashes, your lashes vendor may mix them with plastic material, this is why they are so cheaper than the best one.

Third, they are made of bad cotton and glue.

If your cheap lashes vendor uses these bad materials, that will cause eye strain or eye diseases. And you will lose your money and customers.
wholesale mink eyelash
wholesale mink eyelash

Who are 25mm mink lashes wholesale vendors?

Emma Lashes, as one of the best 25MM Mink Lashes Suppliers, we only supply the best 25mm luxury lashes to the market, all the luxury 25mm mink lashes are designed by our own lashes designer, so if you want to buy quality mink lashes, never miss Emma Lashes. If you want to find your 25MM Lashes Wholesale Vendor in the USA, you may buy your lashes from Lash Vendor USA Sisley lashes, you will buy the best seller from the USA. If you are a USA buyer, never miss Sisley Lashes, a professional USA Lashes Vendor.
5D Mink Lashes 5DM16
5D Mink Lashes 5DM16

Are you a 5d 25mm mink lashes vendor?

Yes, we are a professional 5D 25MM Mink Lashes Vendor, who supply the best 5D 25MM Mink Lashes to the market, and we not only supply 5D Lashes, we also invented 6D Lashes, 7D Lashes, and 8D,9D Lashes, if you want to buy the best luxury mink lashes, you can miss Emma Lashes, we can also make your lashes, just give us your ideas about your lashes, and we will do the same and high-quality luxury mink lashes to you. You will get more and more customers if you supply the best luxury mink lashes. Because most of the 25mm lashes are not luxury lashes, and they won’t buy the other lashes if you supply them with the best luxury lashes, they are soft, vivid, long, charming, and dramatic.
Wholesale mink lashes colorful lashes CD34
Wholesale mink lashes colorful lashes CD34

Vendors Lists for 25mm lashes 2021

we will share some identified vendors lists for 25mm lashes to you to help you find your own 25mm mink lashes.

First, Lashes Vendor USA Sisley Lashes.

If you want to buy local wholesale mink lashes from USA Lashes Vendor, never miss Sisley Lashes, they supply top sellers to you, and if you make a bulk order from Sisley Lashes at a cheap wholesale price.

Second, Lash Vendors Emma Lashes.

From the design work to the production, Emma Lashes is the unique mink lashes factory that can help you design your custom lashes packaging, build your website, promote your lashes business, and help you start your lashes business line step by step with patience. They do not have MOQ limits if you are a beginner in the lashes business, never miss Emma Lashes.

Third, Wholesale Lashes Suppliers CK Lashes.

If you want to buy wholesale lashes, you can choose CK Lashes, they can do not only your custom lashes packaging but also cheap high-quality mink lashes. Besides, If you want to make a bulk lashes order, you should choose CK Lashes, you will get a good wholesale price.

Fourth, False lashes factory Sally Lashes.

Sally Lashes is one of the best false lashes factories in China, they supply cheap wholesale prices to you if you want to buy magnetic lashes, false mink lashes, or plastic lashes, Sally Lashes will be your first choice.

Fifth, Lashes wholesaler Guess Lashes.

Guess Lashes is a professional lash vendor from China, supply cheap wholesale lashes to the market, suppliers of Lilly Lashes, if you have enough budget, you will get a good wholesale price.

Who makes Mink Strip Lashes Wholesale?

Do you have any questions about Mink Strip Lashes Wholesale? Who makes Mink Strip Lashes Wholesale? How long do mink strip lashes last? Where to buy mink lashes in bulk?


Today we are going to think about how and how to buy Mink Strip Eyelashes Wholesale. You can find three prices in the market, one is the Cheap Mink Lashes, if you buy Bulk Mink Eyelashes Wholesale, that will be much cheaper than the retail price.

25MM 3D Mink Lashes DJ103

25MM 3D Mink Lashes DJ103

But you shouldn’t buy the cheap one and the bad lashes, because you won’t be able to sell them out in a short time. And they are poor lashes. And your customers will not buy lashes from you again, and you will lose them in the end.


We cannot care about 20mm Mink Lashes Amazon or other particularly poorly threadbare Mink Strip Eyelashes Wholesale Vendors in order to acquire eyelash products at a more decent price.

Why choose Mink Strip Lashes Wholesale?

There are various Eyelash Distributors, both large and small, all over the world. If you want to start your own lash industry, you must first locate a reputable Eyelash Supplier. Following that, we’d like to give you some pointers on how to find the Best Lashes Vendors.

1. Look for the origin of the Mink Strip Eyelashes Wholesale

①China is an amazing kingdom with a five-thousand-year history. From ancient times to the present, the wise Chinese people have been inventing new things.


②In Chinese history, false eyelashes were first used during the Qing Dynasty. False eyelashes have been used in Chinese opera for the first time, making performers who wear them appear more energetic.


③Beijing, China, is without a doubt the origin of Mink Strip Eyelashes Wholesale.

2. Identify the citys location with the most 3D Mink Strip Lashes Wholesale production.

①Qingdao has the country’s largest eyelash production base. Qingdao is the birthplace of Faux Mink Lashes.

②Qingdao is responsible for 80% of China’s 3D Mink Strip Lashes Wholesale. At the same time, many foreign purchasers like the eyelashes made here.

3. The Internet is the fastest-growing medium, and you have access to all of the key network platforms, including Google, Facebook, Youtube, and others.

SAT32 Luxury Wholesale Lash

SAT32 Luxury Wholesale Lash

4. Seek out high-rated, well-trusted sources.

As the eyelash industry in Qingdao grows in popularity, lashes of varying grades arrive on the market. Instead, there are a few reputable facilities that manufacture the highest-quality eyelashes.


Sisley Lashes is an Eyelash Supplier that you can trust. Despite the fact that it has only been in business for a short time, it has received consumers’ universal acclaim for its high-quality products, exquisite technology, and flawless after-sales support.


Sisley Lashes manufactures only the highest-quality Luxury Eyelashes. If you’re just seeking low-cost items, you can find them elsewhere.


Other suppliers’ lashes may be less expensive than ours, but they must be of inferior quality. I feel that lashes buyers in Qingdao are astute.


They must understand that noble and luxurious eyelashes are more attractive. Lashes of higher quality are more appealing.

25MM wholesale 3D Mink Lashes DJ100

25MM Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes DJ100

Are the Mink Strip Lashes Wholesale best?

1. Our 5d mink strip lashes wholesale are of excellent quality.

Our organization does not allow any low-quality Wholesale Eyelashes to be sold. We have lofty goals and strive to create high-quality eyelashes with a soft texture, unique style, and exceptional comfort. We place a high value on quality, which serves as the foundation for determining whether or not a vendor is eligible.

2. Our faux mink strip lashes wholesale are safe to use.

The Faux Mink Strip Eyelashes Wholesale we made do not contain any chemical substances.


Chemical reagents will linger on your eyelids if you utilize unhealthy eyelashes and do not clean them entirely.

SAT21 Best Mink Eyelashes Wholesale

SAT21 Best Mink Eyelashes Wholesale

Your eyes, the mental window, and the skins around you must have been injured in some way. If you choose us, you won’t have to worry about anything.

3. Our services are of the highest quality.

We have such a professional league that is well-functioning and has a clear separation of responsibilities.


Every area — IT, brand, product, marketing, after-sales support, QC department, and back-office — works to ensure that the capacity to serve clients and customers is consistently improved.


mink lashes vendor from China

mink lashes vendor from China

Who produces Mink Strip Lashes Wholesale?

Sisley Lashes is a reputable eyelash company. Not only do they offer fashionable Mink Strip Lashes Wholesale, but they also have the appropriate Eyelash Box for your consumers if you want one.


There seem to be a variety of reasons why you should choose this particular Eyelash Supplier. The first thing to note would be that their eyelashes are of excellent quality.


Second, you can have a variety of options; in all other words, they can provide you with a variety of styles.


Finally, the business employs its own expert staff. That they have professional photographers, designers, and other services, for example.


MS06 Wholesale Magnetic Lashe

MS06 Wholesale Magnetic Lashe

How can I get Mink Strip Lashes Wholesale Near me?

25MM Mink Strip Lashes Wholesale can be purchased both offline and online. Offline, you can go to an actual store to pick out the style you want, but there aren’t many of them, and they usually don’t have a lot of Strip Eyelashes.


The majority of individuals buy Mink Eyelashes In Bulk online. Google, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook are the most popular online platforms.


You can make your own decisions with the help of these sites, but be wary of fake information.


If you can’t figure out who they are, send us a WhatsApp message and we’ll give you free guidance.

How to find the best Lashes Vendor?

How to find the best Lashes Vendor?

Are you thinking about starting your own eyelash business? Or are you struggling to attract more customers? How to choose the lashes vendor on the market?


A reliable and trustworthy supplier can always provide you with the best eyelash products. If you can find a good eyelash supplier, you can say that your eyelash business is half done.


So let’s talk about this topic together today. The questions to be discussed today are of the highest value. You must be serious. Don’t be left behind!

Wholesale 20mm 3D Mink Lashes DJ118

Wholesale 20mm 3D Mink Lashes DJ118

How to quickly and accurately grasp the key points of an article?

First of all, you should bookmark this article. Because then you can see it all the time without losing it.


Second, you might want to take out your notebook. When you read something you think is very useful, you can copy it down. It definitely helps with your own business.


Last but not least, you should add our contact information so that you can ask us for relevant article knowledge at any time. Of course. On the other hand, we look forward to cooperating with you.

SAT 19 Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendors

SAT 19 Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendors

What you should know about 3D Mink Lashes Vendor?

3D Mink Lashes Vendor is actually a common and unique name for eyelashes suppliers. Because a large proportion of eyelash suppliers do not just produce 3D Mink Lashes. They have a wide range of businesses, which means you have more choices.


Some professional Eyelash Vendors will also offer Customized Eyelash Boxes so you can get whatever you want in one go.


The convenience of doing this is that you don’t have to spend more time finding another manufacturer of Eyelash Boxes.

Where to find the Wholesale Mink Lash Vendors?

To find the right 25MM Mink Lash Vendors, you have to go deep into the history of eyelashes. There is little doubt that the first eyelashes were used in The Qing Dynasty of China. In those days, eyelashes weren’t part of everyday makeup.

free lashes packaging boxes

free lashes packaging boxes

Stage performers such as theatre actors use eyelashes for the first time to give exaggerated effect. Later, as the fashion industry continued to evolve and update, eyelashes were applied to the cosmetic process. They glow in the hands of makeup artists that never fade.

1. Who is the 25MM Mink Lash Vendors? 

Sisley Lashes is a very worthy eyelash manufacturer. As you might expect, not only do they offer stylish 25MM Mink Lashes, but they also offer the perfect Eyelash Box for your customers if you want it.Lash Vendors


There are many reasons to choose this Eyelash Supplier. The first thing to consider is that the quality of their eyelashes is very good.


Secondly, you can have many choices, in other words, they can give you more styles.


Last but not least, the company has its own professional team. That means they have professional photographers, professional designers and other services.

2. Who have the best lashes as 3D Mink Lash Vendors? 

3D Mink Lashes are a major mainstream of Mink Lashes. Most eyelash buyers from the United States will choose 3D Mink Eyelashes due to their outstanding features.



Sisley Lashes offers a variety of 3D Lashes. The first is a hot seller called the DJ Mink Eyelashes.

Although they have been created and marketed for a long time, their popularity has not abated.Lash Vendors


The second type is PD Mink Eyelashes. They are also a type of Mink Eyelash. But they are the latest style. Because of its novelty, it is widely loved by consumers. One has to say is the following one.

PD eyelashes Wholesale

PD eyelashes Wholesale

I think this is my favourite one. I like it because it’s not as flashy as pure coloured wool. But because the lash tip cloth has a little colour, it makes the whole pair of lashes look quite personal.

3. Who is the reliable Lash Packaging Vendor?

To find out if your chosen Eyelash Supplier is a trustworthy one, you can check in the following ways.


Most eyelash suppliers have this kind of service. As long as they have enough confidence in their eyelash products, they have the opportunity to offer Free Eyelash Samples to customers.


First, their eyelash samples are tested. If the results are significant, then their eyelashes should be given a try. The sample is the process of testing.


If you think they’re good, then a big order is next. In this order, if you find a big difference between the goods and the sample, then there is something wrong with their product. In other words, they’re not working with you in good faith.Lash Vendors


Because if a good eyelash supplier wants to work with you in good faith, then their samples will be consistent with the general merchandise in both appearance and quality.



4. How about the Lash Vendors In Atlanta? 

Why are many foreign buyers willing to come to China to find eyelash suppliers? Why don’t they choose their own country’s Mink Lash Packaging Vendor?


There are two important reasons for this.


First of all, China is a populous country, which means its labour force is relatively low. This can reduce the cost to a certain extent so that the price of eyelashes is lower than that of foreign countries.


Second and most important, China is a big exporter of eyelashes. In addition, China is the original origin of eyelashes. They can always guarantee the high quality of their products.


If you want cheaper lashes, I think you should consider the lashes from Southeast Asian countries. But you should also look at the quality of their lashes before you order.



Can I require the lashes samples from Magnetic Lash Vendors? 

Best Replacement for the Traditional Fake Eyelashes: No more glues with this easy-to-apply magnetic lashes. Now you take sticky lash glue out away which may mess up your delicate makeupLash Vendors


Perfect Fitting and Long Lasting with 12 Magnets from Magnetic Lashes Vendors:

A full strip with 12 magnets on the seam makes a big difference for staying on all day. Stronghold to keep the gorgeous lashes extension stayed for a long time. You do not need to worry about them falling off.

Natural Looking Eyelashes from Magnetic Mink Lashes Vendors:

Do not be sceptical or hesitant to try Magnetic Eyelashes and Mink Lashes Eyeliner. Our Magnetic lashes are hand-made wispy lashes and give you a natural look for routine use;

25MM 3D Mink Lashes DJ143

25MM 3D Mink Lashes DJ143

Simple to Use to Save Time from Magnetic Mink Eyelashes Vendors:

No more video tutorials even for your first-time use of the fake lashes. The eyeliner contains ultra-fine magnetic particles that allow the magnetic eyelash to be easily attached in seconds from Lashes Vendor.


Reusable Eyelashes to Save Money from Magnetic Mink Eyelashes Suppliers:

For daily or party use, Each magnetic lash can be used repeatedly as long as you take care of them and clean them occasionally.Lash Vendors


For more information and favourable policies, please add WhatsApp and you can receive more lashes samples!Lash Vendors

Best Mink Lash Vendors list 2021

Today we will show you the top 10 mink lash vendors lists in 2021, all those lash vendors are identified as quality mink eyelash vendors,

supply the best luxury mink lashes at a cheap wholesale price.

First Lash vendors Emma Lashes.

Emma Lashes is one of the best mink lashes vendors in the world, helped many girls

Started the lashes business, no matter you are a housewife or student,

you can easily start your small business at home with a computer or a phone,

what you just do is post your commercial information on your social media, and if you want to build your website,

they can help you build your own website to promote your lashes business line.

Clear Band Lashes SAT37
Clear Band Lashes SAT37

Second, Mink Lash Vendors Sisley Lashes.

Sisley Lashes is the famous Lash Vendors USA, who supply best quality lashes and service to the USA market.

Most of the luxury mink lashes are tested by the local market, if you want to buy Bulk Lashes Orders,

never miss Sisley Lashes,

they will provide the best quality lashes and cheap wholesale price to you because they have their own lashes factory,

so if you want to make bulk orders, they can give your cheap factory wholesale price.

Besides, make sure to buy the best seller, if you buy the best mink lashes in the USA, you can easily sell them out,

and make enough profits.

If you have no ideas about the best seller and you can make a sample order to test the market,

and your customers will give you the answer.

Clear Band Lashes SAT07
Clear Band Lashes SAT07

Third, Wholesale Lash Vendors CK Lashes

CK Lashes, one of the best Luxury Lashes Vendor from the hometown of Mink Lashes, one of the famous 25MM Lashes Vendors,

supply the best 25MM Lashes to the world,

if you want to buy 25MM Lashes, never miss CK Lashes,

they can do custom Lashes Packaging to you to help you build your lashes brand and promote your Small Business.

Fourth, Lash Wholesale Vendors Lashes Vendors

Lashes Vendor is one of the best mink lashes websites, supply many Best Lashes Vendors to you, you can choose any wholesale Lashes Factory from the website,

all are quality identified mink lash vendors, you can choose anyone to be your mink lash vendor.

Clear Band Lashes SAT08
Clear Band Lashes SAT08

Fifth, Lash box vendors Sally Lashes.

If you want to build your own lashes brand, you should do Custom Lash Packaging, and put your logo and information on the box,


Which will promote your lashes business, and you should find the best lash box vendors who can design and produce for you,


Sally Lashes is the famous Lash Box Vendors in the market, all you should do is just send your ideas and information to Sally Lashes,


And the designer will design a sketch to you to check all the details and craft you want to know,

and they will produce for you with heart.

If you buy mink lashes from the other lashes vendor,

you can ask your lashes vendor to ship your lashes to Sally Lashes,

And Sally Lashes will help you fit them in your lashes packaging, and ship them to you together with your mink lashes,

which will save a lot of shipping cost for you.

Sixth, Wholesale mink lashes vendor

mink lash vendors
mink lash vendors

Mink Lashes Vendor is one of the famous lashes vendor websites, who supply the best China mink lashes factories to you,

You can find your best mink lashes suppliers from the website,

if you want to find your best lashes suppliers and mink lashes factory,

you should find your lashes factory who from China,

China Lashes Manufacturer supplies cheap wholesale price and top grad luxury mink lashes to you, they own unique industrial technique. Only they can produce the best hand-made luxury mink lashes.

Seventh,3D Mink Lashes Vendor.

Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes is the website that supply the best 3D Mink Lashes vendor, if you want to buy real 3D Mink Lashes,

you can miss this website, most of the 3D Mink Lashes Vendor won’t supply real mink fur lashes to you,

They mix with some other furs that you don’t know, and you can’t tell them apart, even if you test them by equipment.

As you know, 3D Mink Lashes is very popular in the USA, such as Lilly Lashes,

and if you want to the next Lilly Lashes,

you may try 3D Mink Lashes, and find the Lilly Lashes Vendor, you will succeed too because most of the girls love the 3D Mink Lashes,

they belong to the luxury lashes, soft, strong, gorgeous, vivid, reusable.

You can’t miss this opportunity!

lash vendors
lash vendors

Eighth, mink lash vendors lists In Atlanta

Lydia Lashes is one of the famous Atlanta Lash Vendorsif you buy your lashes from Lydia Lashes,

They will give you the best seller in Atlanta, and NO MOQ limit, you can order any style and any quantity from Lydia Lashes,

And they will ship to you within 5 days, usually, it will take 3-5 business days, and you will receive your lashes.

If you buy your mink lashes from Lashes Bar, you will have to pay retail price,

and if you order your lashes from Lydia Lashes,

you only need to pay the wholesale price, because they supply cheap factory wholesale prices to you, no matter you order one pair of lashes or Bulk Lashes Orders, you will get a good wholesale price.

Ninth, magnetic mink lash vendors list Air eyelash

Air eyelash is a famous magnetic lash vendor from China, they are Magnetic Lilly Lashes Vendor, supply Lilly Lashes magnetic faux mink lashes,

as you know the best magnetic lashes contain 12 magnets, and few magnetic lashes vendors can do this work,

Most of them can do 6 or 8 magnets lashes if they add more magnets, will add too much weight to the lashes,

so that will too heavy will cause eye strain.8

But Air Eyelash Magnetic Lashes Vendor solves this issue,

They select the best magnets and do not add the weight of the lashes,

so Lilly Lashes choose Air Eyelash to be their Magnetic Lash Vendor.

If you want to buy magnetic Lashes, you can try Air Lashes, you will find what you want. Good Luck!

Tenth, Faux mink Lash Vendors Sephora lash

custom boxes for eyelashes
custom boxes for eyelashes

Sephora Lashes is the famous international Faux Mink Lash Vendorsgirls love faux mink lashes very much because they are much cheaper than real mink lashes,

So that most of the girls just wear just once time, and throw them away,

They have to buy and try another faux mink lash style,

If you supply high-quality faux mink lashes to your customers, they will make several orders per week.

In conclusion, It is very important to find good faux mink lash vendors.

Who is 16MM Lashes Wholesaler?

Laughter animated the girl’s face for a moment! That’s what I mean that every beautiful girl wants appropriate 16MM Lashes! Only in this way can the girls have beautiful smiles.

Who can offer the 16mm lash extensions?

Sisley Lashes is a professional eyelash manufacturer of mink strip lashes and wholesale lash vendors from China.


Besides, each pair are made of a black cotton band to make sure comfort and softness. 16mm Wholesale Mink Lashes are very suitable for daily life.


Sample Pack that Includes 16mm Mink Eyelashes, 2 pairs of each 16mm lashes styles, shipping is included.

MS12 best Wholesale Magnetic Lash

MS12 best Wholesale Magnetic Lash

Why choose Sisley Lashes as your 16mm d curl lashes vendor?

Wholesale eyelashes of 16MM Wholesale Mink Lashes is also an important part of our mink strip lashes.


16mm wholesale mink lashes are 15-16mm in length, which will look very natural when wearing them.

1.The quality of the 16mm individual lashes is superior.

We do 100% handmade over 150+ styles of 3D Mink Strip Lashes, including 25mm lashes, 20mm wholesale mink lashes and 16mm mink strip lashes. If you are looking for the best eyelash vendors, we are definitely your best choice for Wholesale Mink Lashes.


Sisley Lashes, as a reliable eyelash manufacturer, aims to provide flexible, fluffy, high-end, healthy, fashionable and wearable mink strip lashes for customers worldwide.

shining mink wholesale mink eyelashes

shining mink wholesale mink eyelashes

2. The style of 16mm strip lashes is novel.

Besides, Sisley Lashes keeps researching and developing new styles of 16MM Mink Lashes, 20mm Wholesale Lashes and 25mm mink lashes to meet various requirements of customers.

3.Professional international design team.

With a professional international design team, skilled workers who are experienced in mink lashes manufacture, Sisley Lashes can ensure the delivery of mink eyelashes in time and quality of our products.


So, if you are looking for eyelash manufacturers or eyelashes vendors. Sisley Lashes is just the one you are looking for.



How about the features of 16mm Mink Strip Lashes?

16MM Mink Lashes is very proper to wear in daily life. The length is close to real sleek eyelashes. They are vivid and could beautify your eyes.


①You can’t tell whether you wear real eyelashes or False Eyelashes. Handmade 3D Multi-Layer fluffy false mink eyelashes manufactured by us are easy to apply and reusable up to 25 times. The eyelash band are made of soft cotton.


②Our wholesale eyelashes are all handmade, and the Siberian Mink Fur are all collected from the Western Siberian mink without any cruelty. It is well known that animals naturally lose their fur several times during growth.

custom eyelash packaging with competitive wholesale price low moq cheap wholesale price, efficient express, low budget,sale!

lash packaging

③We just collect the natural dropping hair from mink and choose the hairs which are shiny, soft and qualified in length. Each pair can be used 25-30 times. We support ordering Mink Lashes Samples to check the quality from professional Wholesale Eyelash Vendors.

Do we have enough in stock about 16mm volume lashes?

As a large eyelash designer and manufacturer, we have enough eyelash inventory. This means that you can order any number of eyelashes from us.


We will be the first time for customers to package and send to your hands through the most efficient and reliable express.

Rich experience:

More than 15 years experience in the eyelashes business;

faux mink lashes G06

faux mink lashes G06faux mink lashes G06

Professional manufacturer:

We have a professional workshop covering 1,360 square meters that can guarantee the accomplishment of large orders;


Monthly Capacity:

Over 200,000 pairs strip eyelashes;


Mature Production Technology:

A full set production line and advanced processing equipment, which allows the non-stop production to maximize the production capacity of mink eyelashes.



What Kind of Lash Boxes Can we Make and How to Customize Your Own Eyelash Packaging?

Dear, first of all, I want to declare that all customized eyelash boxes are ordered with a minimum order quantity of 50.


Besides, the mink eyelash box factory produces boxes in mass production, because the process of making one box is the same as manufacturing 50 eyelash boxes.


So sorry, we cannot produce a box example first to show you how it works. We will show you the definition of a lash box with your own logo to preview made by computer.

About Manufacture Time

It usually takes 9-12 days to manufacture your DIY lash boxes. And it takes 3-5 days( to America, UK, Canada, Australia, France) to reach by FedEx.

Messy Lashes X98L

Messy Lashes X98L

About Design

Please tell or show the pic to us of what kind of boxes you want. What colour outside, what colour inside. And please send me the logo or brand name you want to print on the front side.


If it is the logo, it had better in png or pdf version. And if you don’t have a logo, please tell us what you want your logo to look like. Our designer will make previews according to your design lash boxes ideas.


Custom Eyelash Packaging with MOQ(minimum order quantity) of 50

For some lash business beginners, 100 boxes may be too many at the beginning. To solve this, we have ordered some boxes in stock.


Order over only 50 pieces, we could print the logo on the lash box, and could finish printing and ship out in 12-36 hours. The price is 3 dollars each.


The box can be designed in any colour and style you want. As long as you can imagine, we can do our best.

Messy Lashes X57L

Messy Lashes X57L

Is partial payment acceptable?

Yes, partial payment is acceptable. For example, if doing 50 custom boxes to the USA, plus shipping, the total amount would be 3*50+40=190.


Then you could pay $100 as a deposit, and when we finish manufacturing lash boxes, will show you pictures. And you could pay the left payment at that time.


How to Make Custom Eyelash Boxes with Logo?

An Eyelash Packaging Box with a business logo will make your lash business more professional.


After you understand how the eyelash business works, you need more details about the eyelash business. In this article, we will tell you how “Custom Eyelash Boxes ” works.

luxury wholesale mink lash with clear lash case

luxury wholesale mink lashes with clear lash case

High-quality quality is the core of the product, but people are often loyal followers of appearance. Even if the quality of a product is not good enough, people are willing to pay for its beauty.

High-quality Mink Lashes needs beautiful custom eyelash packaging. This is what your brand needs.

Who are the free lash vendors?

The lashes Business is more and more popular in the USA according to Grandview Research, the global false eyelashes market size was valued at USD 1.1 billion in 2018, registering a 5.4% CAGR over the forecast period. So if you want to start your lashes business, you should find your Lash Vendors first.

Sisley Lashes, the most professional Vendors for Lashessupply the Best Luxury Lashes to the market, we are the Vendor of Lilly Lashes,

helped thousands of girls started their lashes business and succeed in this industry.

All the luxury mink lashes are designed by our own designer, unique in the market, soft, comfortable and vivid.

If you want to make Cheap Lashes in Bulk, you can’t miss mink lashes vendor Sisley Lashes, we will give the cheapest wholesale price to you.

You can easily sell our luxury lashes out, and get your money back, at the same time, you will get more and more customers from the business line.

Besides, we supply the best customer service and policy to help you solve all the issues you met in the business line.

Mink lashes vendors Emma Lashes
Mink lashes vendors Sisley Lashes

Why do more and more people choose mink lash vendors?

We publish the Real Mink Lashes in the year 2015, and most of the lashes are synthetic lashes in the market, they are cheap, and when our customers met the real luxury mink lashes, they love them very much.

They are soft vivid and gorgeous, all the mink fur from the tail of the young mink fur, which is strong, soft, and sharpen.

They are the real luxury lashes in the market, girls love them very much, they can show the personality of the woman.


Although they are a little bit expensive than synthetic lashes, they can reuse, up to 25+ wears, so they are cheaper than synthetic lashes in this way.

There are too many styles in the market you can choose, such as natural mink lashes, dramatic lashes, and long dramatic lashes,

so girls love to try different styles to show different appearances.

Vendors for Lashes
Vendors for Lashes

Why should I choose the best wholesale lash vendors?

First, they produce the best luxury lashes for you.

And you can easily sell them out, otherwise, you will lose your money and customers at last.

Second, ensure the production.

If you want to build your lashes brand, you will produce your lashes packaging, and a good wholesale lash vendor can design for you for free,

and produce your custom lashes packaging in time.

Third, ensure the safety of your goods.
Some lash vendors use bad shipping ways to you, and when you receive your goods, they are broken by the shipping company.
what the worse, your Lash Vendors said it is nothing to do with her.
What should you do if you met these issues?

So you should find a good lash vendor such as Sisley Lashes, we will help you solve all the issues you met from the whole business,

all you issues we will help you solve.

Free lash vendor list to you.

No matter you are new to the lashes industry or you want to change your lashes vendor to get a good quality vendor to get a cheaper price,

we supply you free Identified Lashes Vendor List.
They are all top lash vendors who can supply Free Lashes samples to you to help you test the quality of the lashes,

wish you can find your own lashes vendors and get high-quality lashes.

If you want to get the free lash vendor list, you can add WhatsApp, we will share the top-grade Lashes Factory with you.

How to test your lash wholesale vendors?

If you find some lash wholesale vendors, and you should test them first, and now we will share some tips on how to test your lash wholesale vendors.

First, test the website.

A professional lash wholesale vendor must have a website, you can get more information from the website.

Second, check the SNS.

Most wholesale lash vendors have SNS, and you can check their YouTube, Ins, Facebook, Tiktok, and so on.

If they have a lot of wonderful posts, then they may be the professional lash vendor, and if they do not have any posts about lashes and lashes packaging,

even if they don’t have an SNS account, you must change them, and choose a new one.

Third, make a sample order.

You’d better make a sample order before the bulk orders, and check the quality first because there is little difference between the real lashes and photos.

And some lash vendor sends the good quality sample to you and when you make bulk orders, they will send bad lashes to you.

So, a good lash wholesale vendor is very important to your lashes business.

cruelty free mink lashes vendor
cruelty-free mink lashes vendor

Where to find my 25mm lash vendors?

Most of the lashes vendor is 25MM Lash Vendors, and if you want to buy 25MM Lashes, you can ask for your lash vendor to send 25MM Lashes Catalog to you,

and you can choose any style 25mm mink lashes from the catalogue, and ask the MOQ.

Some lash vendors supply cheap wholesale prices, but they do have a High MOQ limit, if you are new in the business, you can buy Lashes IN BULK.

So you should find 25MM Lash Vendors who have no MOQ limit such as Sisley Lashes.

Besides, 25MM Mink Lashes is the most popular style in the market, and they belong to the Long Dramatic Lashes, girls love them very much,

we do suggest you buy Wholesale 25MM Lashes, you will succeed if you are in the US.

Do you need Lash box vendors?

As we said before, if you want to build your lashes brand, you should do a custom lash box, and if you have no idea about How to build your lashes brand, you can click and read the professional knowledge we post before.

Sisley Lashes, one of the professional lash box vendors, we can design free for you if you do custom lash packaging from our Lash Box Factory,

we will help you design free professional, and amazing lashes packaging.

If you just have your idea and don’t have a lash logo, our designer can help you design a free one to help you start your lashes business line.

Who are lash vendors in the USA?

There are two identified Lash Vendors In The USA, one is Sisley Lashes, and another one is Sisley Lashes, Sisley lashes is the most professional Lash Vendor in The USA

You can make a free luxury lashes order from Sisley Lashes and then make a bulk order.


They do know the local market and supply the best luxury lashes to the USA, all the luxury mink lashes are designed for the local lady according to the shape of eye and face.

So, most girls from The USA would love the purchase luxury lashes from Sisley Lashes, you will love them if you won’t find good lash vendors.

They supply cheap lashes factory wholesale price to you, you should tell them your budget first, and they will calculate for you immediately.

mink false eyelashes suppliers
mink false eyelashes suppliers

Are you mink lash vendors with packaging?

Yes, we can both make lashes for you and lashes packaging for you, if you order lashes and packaging together, we will give you a discount.

Besides, we can put your lashes and style name on the boxes for you, which will save shipping costs for you.

So, make sure to choose a mink lashes vendor who can do lashes packaging for you together. That will save time and energy for you.

magnetic lashes
magnetic lashes

All you need to do is just share your ideas about the lashes packaging, and our designer will design free for you and

will update the sketch to you to check the effect of your lashes packaging.

We can only produce the lash packaging for you after your permission and will send photos to you before the shipment,

so do not worry about the quality and effect, we are the best mink lash vendors with a packaging factory, supply the best service, and quality lashes and lash packaging for you, we know this is very important to your lashes business.

We are magnetic lash vendors too.

Sisley Lashes, a professional 3D Mink Lashes Vendor, supply magnetic Lashes to Lilly Lashes, if you want to order the best Magnetic Lashes, please feel free to contact us on WhatsApp, we will send our magnetic lashes catalogue and Lilly Lashes Magnetic lashes catalogue to you.

You can also make a free magnetic lashes order first, and all the magnetic strip lashes contain 12 magnets,

make sure they are very safe and can’t be easily blown down by the wind.


We supply three free luxury Magnetic lashes to you to test the quality, and if you love them, you can make the bulk lashes in the next order.

If you do believe us, we are the expert of the Lashes Industry, you will be successful easily. We do know which style is the best seller according to the sales data from the real market.

Sisley Lashes will be your professional Magnetic Lash Vendors

wholesale magnetic lashes usa
wholesale magnetic lashes the USA

Anything about the Wholesale Mink Lash Vendors and 25MM Mink Lash Vendors, please feel free to contact Sisley Lashes on WhatsApp, we will help you solve all the issues you met.

Best Mink Lashes Vendors List 2021

Best Mink Lashes Vendors List 2021

The Google browser, as everyone knows, is the biggest and most popular search engine. It has had a serious influence on people’s daily lives for a long time! As a result, you can use the Google browser to establish an Eyelash Business. You have the opportunity to Ask Any Questions You Want To Know! Today let’s have knowledge of Best Mink Lashes Vendors!

lashes packaging boxes

lashes packaging boxes

Of course, all the bosses who have read this article, if you have any questions about Wholesale Eyelashes, please leave us a comment. We will respond to your query as soon as possible.


So, even if you’re entering a new eyelash business or already have one, that everything you want to do is Google “Best Lashes Vendors” and you’ll be able to find Wholesale Lash Vendors with whom you can work. Now, I’ll present you with the top six Google chrome Eyelash Vendors!

1. Emma Lash

Emma Lashes offers over 15 years of Wholesale Eyelash experience, excellent productivity improvement, and ample inventory!!! They use cruelty-free, high-quality Mink Eyelashes that are shed naturally.


They can also be packed for use in making your own Best Mink Eyelashes. It’s fantastic to see eyelashes in Eyelash Packaging Wholesale. It would be even fantastic!!!!

custom eyelash packaging with competitive wholesale price low moq cheap wholesale price, efficient express, low budget,sale!

lash packaging

2. Sisley Lashes

Sisley Lashes, a Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Vendor are known in the United States as Sisely Lashes. They said that they will continue to design and innovate in cooperation with Real Mink Eyelash sellers around the world so that their Mink Eyelash customers can establish 3D Mink Eyelash lines.


They mainly offer 3D Mink Eyelashes, 18mm Mink Eyelashes, 20MM Mink Eyelashes, 25MM Long Mink Lashes Wholesale and more mink eyelashes. These styles are highly popular in the United States and the Middle East. 《Best Magnetic Lashes You Need In Your Life for 2021



3. CK Lashes

For its speedy deliveries, high-quality products, and thoughtful after-sales service, CK Lashes has gained the trust and support of thousands of Mink Eyelash Entrepreneurs all over the world.


CK Lashes‘ mink eyelashes are comprised of mink hairs that naturally fall off the mink tail! They will also supply a variety of eyelashes for various events, such as Natural Eyelashes for everyday use and Dramatic Eyelashes for dancing.



4. Kissed Lashes

Kissed Lashes, as a Mink Lashes Vendor, is dedicated to providing customers all over the world with high-end, healthy, fashionable, and wearable eyelashes.


They continuously continue to create unique models in order to meet the needs of their clients. They have an experienced design team that guarantees that your eyelashes and Custom Eyelash Packaging stay on-trend.

custom eyelash packaging

custom eyelash packaging

5. Lydia Lashes

Lydia Lashes is a Wholesale Mink Lashes manufacturer who exports professional mink eyelashes and 25MM Eyelash Packaging, Eyelash Packaging Box to the United States and other countries.


They’ve been in the Wholesale Mink Eyelash business for ten years. They’ve supported around 2000 eyelash entrepreneurs start wholesale mink eyelash businesses in the United States.



6. Sephora Lash

If you want to choose the price is very suitable for eyelash suppliers. It must be said that the owner of the Sephora Lash is very easy-going. As long as you want to get a lower home price, as long as you talk to the boss.


It is also very important that their company’s home eyelash variety is very complete. The style and style of the Affordable Eyelashes are all testable.



By comparison, you will know that their products always follow the trend of fashion. This is why so many operators around the world choose this Eyelash Supplier.


Now Add WhatsApp, You can get 3 free lashes Samples!

Why are Long Mink Eyelashes so popular?

Do you frequently lament the fact that your makeup bag isn’t large enough? It always flattens or crushes your Long Mink Eyelashes. That’s because you’ll need Good Eyelash storage to keep your lashes safe. Our eyelash storage box is space-saving, tiny, and adorable!


     Sisley Lashes has always been one of China’s leading Mink Lash providers for over 20 years. Quality Wholesale Mink Lashes, faux mink lashes, and Silk Lashes are always obtainable at factory costs. We welcome clients from all over the world!

Why are 20mm Mink Lashes so popular?

Mink Eyelashes are soft, fluffy, and beautiful eyelashes made of mink hair. Our 20mm Mink Lashes suppliers accounted for the highest proportion in the 6 months leading up to 2021, according to our statistics.

The 20MM Mink Lashes were always a best seller. The most popular are usually the ones that sell the most.


It won’t surprise you, of course, that the American 20MM Mink Eyelashes are the most eye-catching.

In other words, this style of eyelash is very popular among women who love beauty in the United States.

If you also desire such a charming effect, why not consider our product?

SAT31 Wholesale Lashes Vendor

SAT31 Wholesale Lashes Vendor

How About Sample Policy?

We can provide the sample to you, but you have to pay the sample shipping fee. Anyway, we will return back to you the cost in your next order.


According to the regulations, we will provide three pairs of Free Eyelash Samples for each new customer.

You can decide whether to order our eyelashes again after you receive the sample.

SAT07 Lashes Wholesaler

SAT07 Lashes Wholesaler

How Long It Will Take To Delivery The Goods?

If we have the goods in stock, we will deliver them within7 working days after we get your payment. If we do not have them in stock, we will deliver them before the deadline which both parties agreed on.

SAT08 Best Lashes Wholesale

SAT08 Best Lashes Wholesale

What Kind Of Package do You Offer?

We pack the goods first with a gift box and then the export box to make sure the goods are in good condition for storage and shipment.

Why choose us as your Mink Eyelash Trays supplier?

Our factory directly supplies high-quality and inexpensive ciliary trays.

Our prices are so competitive that no agent or distributor can make a profit.

wholesale mink eyelashes

wholesale mink eyelashes

Professional high-precision production equipment and modern industry-leading technology, in order to truly produce high quality, high definition, durable, delicate, environmental protection eyelash packaging box.

From the material point of view:

By mashing up the collected raw materials, churning them into a powder, sterilizing and bleaching them, the 3D Mink Eyelash Trays are created in a similar fashion to paper production. As basic materials, we chose straw and corn stalks.

20mm mink 3d lashes

20mm mink 3d lashes

The greatest way to test a substance is to burn it and smell it, as we all know. When the Best Eyelash Trays are burned, they will smell like regular paper, with no smoke.


The four ways of “seeing, listening, asking, and feeling” were devised by Bian Que, a great Chinese doctor during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period.   《How to buy Wholesale Lashes USA?

We can also evaluate Real Mink Eyelash Trays by looking at them, touching them, lighting them, and then selling them for the same reasons.

From an environmental perspective

China has a stringent environmental protection regime as well. Our eyelash tray is recyclable and biodegradable, which is good for the environment.



It is a type of product inner packaging that is environmentally friendly, safe, breathable, and tasteless.


The eyelash tray is made of biodegradable materials. If you care about the environment, then our Wholesale Eyelashes are for you.

The quality control team has strict requirements.

Every link from raw materials to finished products is rigorously screened and tested to ensure the perfection of each eyelash tray.

3d mink eyelashes

3d mink eyelashes

Perfect after-sales service system.

Under the guarantee of after-sales service, customers are more assured to buy our products.

How To Wear The Eyelashes?

Step 1: Size the Fake Eyelashes, Before Gluing the Lashes on. You will Need to Make Sure They are Not Too Wide for Your Eye.


Hold the Lash Strips Up Against Your Eyelid, and Trim Them Down on the Sides If Necessary.




Step 2: Squeeze a Thin Line of Eyelash Glue Onto the Back of Your Non-Dominant Hand. Now, Gently Run the Outer Seam of the Eyelash Strip Along with It.


Allow the Glue to Dry for a Moment Before Applying It to Your Best Lashes.

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Step 3: Place the Strip on Your Eyelid, Positioning It as Close as Possible to Your Natural Lashes.


Bring the Strip Down From Above, Not From the Front. This is to ensure that You Get as Close as Possible to Your Lash line.


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Step 4: Allow the Glue to Dry Naturally. Once the Strip is in Place, You Do Not Need to Press or Hold it.


Step 5: Apply Mascara to Your Lashes, This will Help Blend Your Natural Lashes with the False Ones, Achieving a More Natural Look. You Can Use Black, Brown, or Dark Gray Mascara.

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