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How to Buy Eyelashes Glue?

How to Buy Eyelashes Glue? If you have luxury 3D mink eyelashes, you also need high quality eyelashes glues. Because only the best eyelashes glue can match luxury 3D mink eyelashes.

When you start your mink eyelashes business line, many customers may order lashes with eyelashes glue, or eyelashes brushes, eyelashes applicators, eyelashes curlers.

 It is important to choose high quality and safety eyelashes glues for you!

Sisley Lashes Wholesale  Lashes Vendor is your best choice whether you use it by yourself or for eyelash business. You must not miss Sisley Lashes!

How to choose a high quality Eyelash Glue Supplier and products? Let me tell you step to step!

First: What is Eyelashes glue?


Eyelashes Glue is a substance that binds eyelashes and skin together. Eyelashes glue is mainly used for the bonding of eyelashes, which is used to beautify the eye. Move over, eyelashes glue is not only used for professional make-up, but also for ordinary make-up.

small bottle of black eyelash glue

small bottle of black eyelash glue

Second: How does eyelashes glue work?

    The effect of glue is mainly by the tension between the polymer to achieve. When the water is gone, the polymer pulls on each other to hold the lashes and skin together.

Third: Usage method of eyelashes glue

  1. Apply eyelashes glue on the band of eyelashes, both ends are easy to fall off, the amount should be a little more.
  2. Then install eyelashes into your eyes with an eyelashes applicator.
  3. Clean the eyelash root with cotton swab, remove eyelashes and eye makeup.

Fourth: What are the most popular eyelashes glues in the market?

There are mainly two kinds of best-selling eyelashes glues on the market:

The first kind is Quick-Drying Eyelash Glue.

This eyelashes glue is suitable for beauty bloggers and other professionals, and is popular with skilled people.

The second kind is Anti allergic Eyelashes Glue, which is mainly used for people with sensitive skin and pregnant women.

Our eyelashes glue is a combination of quick-drying and anti allergic.

As long as you buy our glue, you can get two kinds of glue.

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eyelashes glue

eyelashes glue

Fifth: Lets analyze the advantages and disadvantages of eyelashes glue.

  1. The advantage of the quick-drying eyelashes glue is rapid bonding.

When you put your eyelashes on, the glue quickly sticks to your skin. Therefore, this eyelashes glue is very ideal for professional makeup lovers, as it saves the waiting time and is highly efficient. It

is not suitable for beginners, the bonding speed is too fast for beginners to wear. If you’re not fast enough, it’s hard to get the installation done. Thus you have to give up this Professional

Eyelashes Glue.

  1. Antiallergic eyelashes glue.

This kind eyelashes glue is suitable for sensitive skin and pregnant women. It is safety and has no irritating smell. It also won’t cause eyelashes glue burning skin. However, this glue will dry a

little longer. If you need anti allergic eyelashes glue, it is fit to you.

Sixth: How to choose a high safety eyelashes glue bulk order?

You have two ways to purchase:

The first one is you can find the Wholesale Eyelashes Glue Manufacturer and Vendor directly .

Then make an sample order to test the quality. If you have no idea about how to test the quality of your eyelashes glue, you can add whats app: 008613361256794 to get the answer. Or you can

seek help from a professional testing agency.

Be careful, each Eyelashes Glue Supplier will say that their eyelashes glue is the best in world, what should you to tell them apart? If you want to know the skills of how to distinguish the glue

Manufacturer, add whats app: 008613361256794 to get the answer.

And you need time to test the sample, if you just want to start your eyelashes glue business line immediately, you may choose the second way.


The second way is you can choose your 3D Mink Lashes Vendor , and they will recommend the best eyelash glue for you, they will help you find your 3D Mink Lashes Glue.

This way will help you save a lot of time on testing the sample glue. And they help you easily find your Russian Eyelashes Glue or Eyelashes Glue With Private Logo.

Seventh: Capacity of eyelashes glue

There are two capacities of eyelashes glue: the capacity of small bottle is 5 milliliters, the capacity of big bottle is 10 milliliters.

Eighth: Color of eyelashes glue

We have three colors of eyelashes glue, there are black, white and clear.

eyelashes glue

eyelashes glue

Ninth: The price of eyelashes glue

High quality eyelashes glue will give you good experience. Price is not the important factor concerned, but quality.

If you start your eyelashes business line, only high-end eyelashes glue can bring more and more customers and make a bigger profit.

The price of small eyelashes glue between 4 usd and 5 usd. The big eyelashes glue cost between 7 usd and 8 usd. And the price of eyelashes glue varies according to your quantity.

Tenth: How to choose the best eyelashes glue?

  1. Is eyelashes glue safe?

Eyes are the window of the soul. When we pursue beauty, we should also protect our eyes. You should choose a safe, chemical free, no irritating eyelashes glue.

  1. Which colors to choose?

For beginners, the clear eyelashes glue is the best choice, any color for the skilled makeup lovers.

  1. Does the eyelashes

    glue stick the skin well?

Only when the eyelash glue is well bonded with the skin can the eyelashes have a better wearing experience and embody the aesthetic feeling.


And if you want to get more information about the eyelashes glue and other information about eyelashes, you can add whats app: 008613361256794 to get skills tips.

Whether you buy our products or not, we would like to share with you the information about eyelash glue and eyelashes.








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