It is very important to negotiate the lashes price with the wholesale vendors for you. Do you know how to negotiate with lash wholesale vendor? Let me tell you step by step!

1st. Send inquiries to your customers

First, ask your customers what product to buy.

Asking customers what products to buy is the most basic information, to clarify the needs of customers.

Second, ask your customers how many products they buy.

Because we are eyelash wholesale vendor, the price can fluctuate according to the quantity of products purchased by customers.

The more products customers buy, the cheaper the price. Our wholesale vendor is of the type of small profits but quick sales.

Third, ask your customers about the styles of the product.

Eyelashes come in different lengths, and there are many different styles for each length. You must ask the customers what styles they want.

Because different styles of eyelashes have different prices.

Fourth, your supplier gives you a quote.

The supplier will give you a precise quotation according to the quantity and style of the products you buy.

In addition, your supplier will quickly give you a perfect quotation, and the supplier will give you an offer within five to ten minutes.

If your supplier is late in replying to your offer, it is generally unprofessional.

Professional wholesale vendors, can almost do zero waiting for customers, service is very good.

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Wholesale natural mink lashes 

2nd What do you do if the offer is over your budget?

First, reduce the quantity of products.

If you don’t have that much budget, you can buy less. When your product is sold, order more immediately.

Every time you make more profit, your business will become more and more prosperous.

Second, tell the supplier your target price and budget.

wholesale vendors can offer you two ways to buy.

The first is that the supplier gives you accurate quotation according to the products you need. In addition to us, the general supplier can not do so intimate service, other wholesale vendors have a stable customer base. Generally, they don’t spend too much time serving customers with a small budget.

The second is that wholesale vendors tell you how many products you can buy based on your budget.

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3rd                            How do you get a lower price
about how to negotiate with lash wholesale vendor?

First, increase the quantity of purchasing.

Because the supplier we do is wholesale products business, and your customers are also wholesalers, through the way of small profits and high sales to get more profits.

Second, reduce the variety of products.

If you reduce the types you buy and increase the number of these small styles, the price can be cheaper.

4th How to get preferential price continuously?

You should choose the best supplier and continue to purchase products from this supplier. Because you are a regular customer, the supplier will give you a very favorable price. If you purchase products with new wholesale vendors, the price will not be favorable. Because for other wholesale vendors, you are a new customer and will not give you preferential prices.

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