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How to Start Your Lashes Business Line?

How to start your own lashes business line step by step? If you want to develop your own eyelash business, but it makes you feel confused, we are very willing to help you. If you follow the step-by-step methods we tell you below, you will be successful.

Step 1 Design your brand name

You can choose a brand name by yourself, or you can use your name as a brand name, such as “Lashes by Jack”, “Jack’s lashes” and so on.

Step 2 Design your own logo


 If you have a private logo, you can use it directly.

If not, it doesn’t matter. We have free logos for you to choose from,

and you can add your own brand name.

But after you place your order for payment, there is only one free chance to choose the logo you like.

If you want more logos, we will have to charge you extra for the additional cost.

Step 3 Choose mink eyelashes

For the mink eyelashes, we have the following types:

You will look natural with wearing 13-18mm eyelashes. They are mainly suitable for office situations.

The lashes with 25mm, they are long, you can trim the length according to your needs.




They mainly ideal for occasions like party, special occasion, performance and night out.

  • 28mm mink lashes

We recommend that you try several styles instead of just one. A full range of eyelashes will greatly increase your sales.

Step 4 Make your sample order


At the beginning, we support you to order three samples for free,




so that you can check the quality of our products and have a look at the product type.

If you want to get free eyelashes samples, please add our whats app: 008613361256794


Step 5 Test the market by yourself or your friends

You can test our eyelashes with your family and friends.

First, you can test the styles of our eyelashes. You will be showing different styles by wearing different eyelashes.


Second, you may test the comfort of our eyelashes. You will feel the lashes fluffy and softly by wearing them.

Step 6 Make book orders

We suggest you choose more eyelashes styles so that your sales will be better.  More styles of products attract more customers.

Step 7 Custom lash packaging

  • If your budget is limited, we can provide free packaging to you.

  • If you have some budget but not too much, you can choose general packaging. What’s more, you can add your own logo.

  • If you have enough budget, you can make your own brand on the lash packaging. It takes us ten to twelve days to make the custom lash packaging.

Step 8 How to sell the lashes to start your lashes business line?

  • Social media

You can share the lashes through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other social media. On your social software, you can share pictures, videos, the experience of wearing eyelashes, and so on.

  • Website

You can put all the product information on your website. Don’t worry, we will help you to send you the high-definition pictures of the product.

Such as Sisley Lashes’ website is:

  • E-commerce platform

You can also use E-commerce platforms like eBay, Amazon, AliExpress, Etsy.

Step 9 How to receive payment of starting your lashes business line?

There are many payment methods for you to choose from, such as bank, Paypal, cashapp, apple pay, Square and so on.

Step 10 Express of starting your lashes business line?

It is important for you to choose a safe, reliable and reputable express company and it affects your customer experience. You can choose to cooperate with a reliable, high-quality express company.

Step 11 Purchase packaging materials

The packaging materials of the product makes your customers feel the quality and importance of the product. The plastic bubble bags are made of protective and cushioning material and they can protect the products well.

Key points:

(1) You should carefully choose a reliable, high-quality eyelash vendor.

(2) The most important thing is to sell well. You should have a clear and comprehensive understanding of the market.

(3) You should receive feedback and review in time, so that you will receive the next order soon.

If you have any more question, please add our whats app: 008613361256794 



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