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How to Use Eyelash to Stick Out Thick Effect?

Beauty experts found that many friends in the creation of fine eye makeup, will use artificial eyelashes. As we all know, false eyelashes can make eyelashes appear thick effect, but the use of artificial eyelashes will have many skills.

After all, how to use artificial eyelash to stick out thick effect? The following is a detailed introduction.

Step 1: trim the eyebrows and eyelashes with lashes scissors.

The fake eyelashes just bought are too beautiful and unnatural. They should not be pasted intact. They must be properly trimmed.

First of all, you should carefully observe your eye shape, and then according to your eye shape, cut off part of the front and back of the false eyelashes.

Then you need to confirm the position of the eyelashes and trim the false eyelashes to an ideal length.

If the false eyelashes are too long, then the effect of sticking out will certainly appear very unnatural. You can keep pruning, and finally achieve the best effect of false eyelashes.

Should pay attention to injury eyelid bosom when trimming eyelash, as far as possible the finger should be in zygomatic anastomosis place, correct posture, in order to be in trim state unnecessary error.

The second step:

the next is to put high-quality special glue on the false eyelashes, the amount of glue is best not too much. Wait until the adhesive drying time, and then ready to bend the false eyelashes, make it more soft.

The third step:

when you paint your eyes, you need to create a more beautiful eye liner before you start putting on false eyelashes. Because it is impossible to paste the false eyelashes on the eyeliner, but you can use the eyeliner or eyeliner to cover the dry white stickers after the false eyelashes have just been pasted.

The fourth step:

when sticking false eyelashes, try to stick to the root of real eyelashes as much as possible, and the effect of pasting will appear more natural.

After sticking, you need to press it with cotton swab or hand for about 10 seconds, so that the false eyelashes can be fixed, and the real and false eyelashes can be completely mixed together.

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