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How to choose a suitable eyelash for you?

If you are not satisfied with your Suitable Mink Lashes and  Eyelashes, but want to have thick, long eyelashes, you will need the false eyelashes. You need to know the trick to choosing false eyelashes. If the false eyelashes you choose don’t suit you, they won’t beautify your eyes.After all, how to choose a suitable for your eyelashes? Let’s talk about the classification of eyelashes.

colorful lashes wholesale

colorful lashes wholesale

First, there are two categories according to the process.

The first category is handmade Mink Eyelashes.

The eyelashes from the selection of raw materials to the finished products are all manually completed by workers. Just like our eyelashes are all handmade eyelashes.And our lashes made by hand are vivid and high-end. Real 3D design, has perfect natural layered and curl, effect for different makeup. More over, it makes you so vivid, glamorous, and attractive.

The second category is machine – pressed eyelashes.

This kind of eyelashes are made by machine, and they are of poor workmanship. And it seems very stiff, not realistic, the sense of hierarchy is not good.

Second, there are six categories according to materials.

mink hair

Mink hair is our featured product. Our 3D made mink lashes are fluffy, lightweight, shiny and soft. You will look like a doll or an alluring women depends on your personality by wearing these mink lashes.

human hair

This kind of eyelash is made of human hair. Although it is more natural to wear, it is not as comfortable and rich in layers as mink eyelashes.


The horsehair eyelashes are a little bit stiff.

fiber hair

paper lashes

This eyelash is similar to paper-cut technology, can only be used for viewing.

artificial furs

Artificial eyelashes are a mixture of animal hair and fiber. Of cause, the animal hair, shedding from the animal’s natural falling hair and santized. We will never hurt the animals.

Third, they can be roughly divided into three types according to their length:

13-18mm Suitable Mink Lashes

You will look natural with wearing 13-18mm eyelashes. And they are mainly suitable for office situations.

20mm mink lashes

25mm mink lashes

The lashes with 25mm, they are long, you can trim the length according to your needs. They are unique and dramatic, and they are a great way to show off your personality. They mainly ideal for occasions like party, special occasion, performance and night out.

The shape of your eyes determines what kind of false eyelashes will suit you.

  1. Short round eyes: plump and exaggerated eyelashes.

This eyelash is short at the front and long at the back, with a noticeable elongating effect. This eye makeup usually has thick eyelashes, so just use a glossy eye shadow on your daily makeup to brighten it up and make it look fresher. To go to a party in the evening, just add some pearl eye shadow in the center of your eyes for a bit of sparkle.


  1. Slender eyes: Barbie doll eyelashes.

Barbie doll eyelashes are mostly long in the middle and short on both sides, so they are more suitable for those who want to round their slender eyes.

  1. Drooping eyes: long and delicate Suitable mink lashes .

Although drooping eyes can give people a feeling of stupidity, excessive drooping will appear listless. For drooping eyes, the length of false eyelashes should be used to adjust the sagging degree, which makes them rise visually. Here, the long and delicate eyelashes are more suitable than the thick ones, and the eye shape should be simplified.

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