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The Differences Between Inferior Eyelashes and Luxury Eyelashes

Honey, do you know the the differences between inferior eyelashes and luxury eyelashes ? We are wholesale luxury mink vendor from China Sisley Lahses. Today we will tell you about this.


1. The quality of sample orders and large orders is different


The samples of inferior eyelashes always have high quality. But when consumers book a large number of orders, the eyelashes they received are very different from the samples.

Because the cost of inferior eyelashes is cheap.

However, the quality of our luxury eyelashes in a large number of orders is as good as the samples.


    2. The length and size of sample orders and large orders are different


As for the same style of inferior eyelashes, their length is different.

For example, the length of a pair of eyelashes is 22 cm, but the eyelashes you receive may be only 18 cm.

So that  the suppliers of inferior eyelashes will save a lot of money.

    However, we ensure that the length and size of a large number of orders are exactly as good  as the sample orders.

   3. Eyelash bands are different

The bands of inferior eyelashes are very hard and made of mixtures. If you wear inferior eyelashes, as heavy as wearing iron wire, not only looks ugly, but also uncomfortable, causing eye fatigue.

While, our luxury eyelashes are made of cotton, they are very soft, comfortable and beautiful. Comfort is an important indicator for measuring the quality of eyelashes.

  4. The symmetry of the left and right eyes is different

The problem of the inferior lashes supplier:

Firstly, the suppliers who produce cheap eyelashes use unskilled workers, and change workers frequently.

Secondly, they have no design team, no original design drawings, no precise drawings to guide the production of workers.


However, we have a professional design team to draw detailed production drawings to guide workers to produce. And our workers are skilled workers with 5-7 years’ working experience, which

makes our eyelashes symmetrical.

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    5. The fur tips are different

Inferior eyelashes are hairless and pointy.

Firstly, their raw materials are inferior, very cheap and not selected.

Secondly, the problem is the operation of the workers.

Because the workers are not familiar with the operation, the fur is damaged in the process of placing the fur , and it is still used.

And the inferior eyelashes has not passed the quality inspection to circulate in the market.

However, the raw materials of our high-end fur are selected by our workers one by one, and the fur  tip is perfect.After the production of our eyelashes, but also through strict quality inspection,

quality inspection is not qualified, not allowed to leave the factory.

     6. The difficulty of wearing eyelashes is different

Inferior quality eyelashes are difficult to wear, the design is very unreasonable, eyelashes are easy to fall off.

One is because the glue quality is very inferior.

The other is the design defect, the design concept is unreasonable, eyelash structure does not conform to the shape of the eye.

While, our eyelashes are easy to wear.

Our professional designers refer to ergonomics and adjust the structure, length and density of eyelashes according to the shape of the eye and face.

      7. Different sterilization methods

    Inferior eyelashes have a strong chemical smell and irritating smell, which is mainly caused by the production craft.

   In addition, the inferior fur is disinfected with chemical solution, and it is easy to produce chemical residues without cleaning.

   More over,  it is not suitable for pregnant women and people with skin sensitivity.

   We carry out sterilization in a physical way, it is not only green but safe.

    8. Different ways of production

The cheap mink fur is a combination of semi-manual and semi-mechanical, with a worker producing 100 pairs of eyelashes a day for 10 hours.

While our high-end eyelashes are handmade by our workers, the skilled worker can only produce 8-10 pairs of eyelashes per day on average.


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Whether you buy our products or not, we would like to share with you the information about eyelashes.




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