The Importance of Custom Eyelash Boxes

In addition to protect the lashes, do you know other function of the the eyelash boxes? Let me show you the importance of custom eyelash boxes step by step!

1st Design your own brand

You can build your own brand and print it on the custom eyelash packaging.

A company’s logo reflects the core values of a company.

And it can accurately reflect the company’s culture, customers can know about your company through the logo.

2nd The importance of brand

Loyal customers know what you’re selling through your brand.

Luxury eyelashes with fashionable and beautiful eyelash box can reflect good service and market strategy.





many types of boxes

many types of boxes

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3rd The function of eyelash packaging

First, the box serves as a decoration and looks very beautiful.

Second, the box can protect the eyelash very well.

Third, you can print the logos and slogans on the box to add value to the product and increase sales.

Fourth, the empty lash box can be applied for storing your false eyelashes and tools, suitable for professional beauty salons and daily use.

3rd Custom and promotion

1 Custom eyelash box

Custom eyelash boxes can help with sales, which can be tedious to sell alone.

If matched with a beautiful eyelash box, can enhance the value of eyelashes. What you put in now is actually what you’ll get out later.

Customized eyelash packaging is very important. According to the sales data of the market, customized eyelash box has a disadvantage,

that is, the customized cycle is 10-12 business days. It takes a long time.

2 General eyelash box with your own logo

We recommend that you buy  general eyelash box with your own logo and brand name.

This kind of boxes are so popular that our company can produce them in a day. We promise to deliver the products within 24 hours.

This is the best way to customize eyelash boxes at present.

We have all general boxes in stock. It saves a lot of time.

In the days leading up to your custom eyelash box, you can sell many of these generic boxes with your logo on them. To make more money.

3 general eyelash box plus free label

If you don’t have a big budget, you can choose the general eyelash box. We provide you with a free label. We also offer you free eyelash packaging.

Before you customize your eyelashes, order universal eyelashes boxes with your own logo

This approach is best, but only for people with a sufficient budget.

5th advertising effect

Because the box has your social media profile, brand name, website and Instagram printed on it, it will help you promote your eyelashes. It has the function of flyer, your investment is lower, the customer group is very accurate, it plays a very good propaganda role.

6th enhance consumer confidence in you

If the eyelash box package is very exquisite, customers will think that you are very professional, will trust you, and your business can be done for a long time.

There are a lot of cheap eyelashes on the market. Their quality can’t be guaranteed.

The business will soon decline and is not suitable for long-term business.

And our high-end eyelashes have a very stable customer base, which is very beneficial to the maintenance of customers and can make money for a long time.

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